Journey to The Unknown

This artwork series tells about a journey to the mystery of human souls and their cover. A human who on the outside looks cheerful, bright, and always radiates happiness, could also be the same human who harbors sadness, anger, and loneliness.

The gloomy, sad, flat and no emotions of each character depict unexpressed loss, disappointment, and anger that are hidden inside the deepest depths of the soul. Contrast to the cheerful, bright, and fun vibes from most of the surrounding scenes.

The other nonsensical elements in the artwork depict the mixed feelings that linger inside the human mind. The repressed emotion, the weird things we overthink til we cannot sleep.

Journey to The Unknown series was created from 2021-2022. I create these digital pieces using Procreate as my canvas. At that time, the Covid-19 pandemic was at its highest peak. Lockdown situation gave me an abundant amount of time to reflect and contemplate many things. Especially human souls and emotions that inspire me to express them in the artworks.